Design/Creative Work

Selected Design work

Pegasus Plaza, Lexington, Ky, Courthouse Plaza Competition entry

See the publication, “Thoroughbred Pegasus Plaza,” in W. Jabi, ed., Reinventing the Discourse, Proceedings of the Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture (ACADIA) International Conference, Buffalo, New York, 2001, pp. 412-413.

AIA-US Department of Energy Sun Wall Competition, 2nd Prize

Download the official competition results publication PDF file (DOE/GO- 102001-1339) from here.

Advanced Fabrics Exhibition, Industrial Fabrics Association International Outstanding Achievement Award Winner.


(See the paper “Rhizogramming and a Synesthetic Transformation of Designer’s Mind,” in L. Vellner et al. eds. Dynamics of Architectural Knowledge, Helsinki, Finland, Summer 2005)


“Drifting Being,” a theatrical performance within an artistic installation, written, directed and performed at the Joan Grona Art Gallery, Bluestar Arts Complex, San Antonio, September 2001. This performance featured two UTSA students and four local high school students. Collaborating artist(e)s: Dwayne Bohuslav and Mark Blizard. Photos courtesy Dwayne Bohuslav.





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