Conversation With Daniel Libeskind

Had an incredible two days during our commencement with the humble, authentic, and exceptionally talented Daniel Libeskind. His life stories, as rich and complex as his iconic architectural designs, weave a narrative of struggle and triumph that leaves you moved and inspired.

On an episode of ‘BAC Channel with Mahesh Daas’, we had a lively chat around the theme of “origins”. Our conversation was brimming with humor, humanity, and recollections from a well-lived life. A sincere thank you to Daniel for his captivating anecdotes and insights!

It was particularly touching when he mentioned (I’m paraphrasing here) how unique and palpable the spirit of the Boston Architectural College and its students is. Of the many honorary doctorates he has received, this one holds a special place in his heart.

Stay tuned for this engaging, candid conversation that links his personal experiences with his world-renowned work. An episode not to be missed!