Moshe Safdie in Conversation with Mahesh Daas

Fearless, experimental, revolutionary, earth shattering—all words that could be used to describe Moshe Safdie. As the host of the original exhibition of his unbuilt work, I recently had the opportunity to speak with this legendary architect, urbanist, thinker, teacher, and author at his office in Somerville, MA. Safdie is an honorary doctorate recipient and long-time friend of the Boston Architectural College.

I invite you to join me for this candid and thoughtful conversation with Moshe Safdie about his career spanning 50 years, the lessons he has learned, his utopian ideas, his legacy, and his newly released memoir. We will also discuss what comes next for him in his career. This is a unique opportunity to get to know this renowned architect and thinker on a deeper level. Please visit the following page for the video, photos, and more information about this delightful, insightful, exciting and inspiring conversation!