Robotic Architecture with Mahesh Daas

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Vikramaditya Prakash for his insightful podcast, ArchitectureTalk. Our conversation delved into the unfolding paradigm shift in the intersection of robotics, AI and architecture.

Throughout our dialogue, we engaged in deep discussions ranging from the innate evocative nature of robots to questioning if robots should be viewed merely as machines. We also tackled the intriguing concept of ‘personhood’ within the context of robotics.

As we navigated through the superhuman aspects of robots, their potential to surpass human capabilities, and the possibility of their integration into our biological make-up, we painted a fascinating picture of the future.

The conversation was further enriched as we explored the transformative power of robots and AI in reshaping architecture and construction. We touched upon subjects like niche technologies, AI-generated designs, and the human implications of these advancements.

Join us as we navigate this exciting journey towards a robotic architectural era on ArchitectureTalk. Feel free to tune in and share your thoughts!