Keynote: The Architecture of Construction Robotics Revolution

With the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution ushered in by the proliferation of robotics, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and other sentient technologies, we are witnessing a paradigm shift radically changing not only what and how we do things, but also who we are as humans. As a result, the construction industry’s fundamental assumptions, practices, and processes are being profoundly transformed. In contradistinction to CAD, BIM, VR, and digital fabrication innovations that either arose from within or adaptively absorbed by the industry, the robotics and artificial intelligence revolution is a disruptive movement from outside the industry and led by the generation of young tech entrepreneurs originating from Silicon Valley and other startup innovation hubs from Boston to Hyderabad. How might the Fourth Industrial Revolution transform architecture, engineering, and construction industries? Why should architects pay attention to robotics and AI now? What are the prospects, challenges, and opportunities? In his tour de force keynote speech, Dr. Mahesh Daas will paint a panoramic picture of the robotics revolution’s consequences for the future of architecture and construction.

It was a special experience to deliver the keynote speech “The Architecture of Construction Robotics Revolution” at the Indian Institute of Architects National Convention on May 15, 2022 to a gathering of 1800 delegates from all corners of India.