Conversation with BSU alumnus Joe Mrak, AIA


Up close and personal dialogs about leadership

The CONVERSATIONS series will present up close and personal dialogs about leadership with prominent leaders from the profession. The conversation will start with a presentation of a brief life sketch of the guest, followed by an open dialog with the guest about his or her life journey, the origins, the development and the ascent to the leadership position. The freewheeling and informal format of the discussion elicits thick and intense perspectives into the life and work of the guest. A broad range of topics will be covered that might include, but not limited to, the guest’s views about the profession, education, changing context of architecture, and emerging trends. The series will offer rare and unique glimpses into the life of leaders in the profession, which would be a source of inspiration for the academic community. After 40 minutes of dialog, the forum will be opened for questions from the audience. The event will be webcast live.

The first of the CONVERSATIONS featured architect Joe Mrak in dialog with Mahesh Daas, Chair of the Department of Architecture, on October 31, 2011.

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