Towards A Robotic Architecture: Book Cover & Posters


I am thrilled to share with you the cover design and a poster celebrating the pioneering contributors to the forthcoming book Towards A Robotic Architecture that I have co-edited with Andrew John Wit. We were fortunate to have collaborated with graphic designer, Professor Nagesh Shinde to produce an absolutely stunning, provocative, poetic book that is a visual and tactile delight!

In this book, we attempt to show not only the terrestrial impact of architectural robotics, but also the interplanetary impact it is bound to have. Currently there is no one book in the field that provides a comprehensive overview of architectural robotics, a void this book intends to fill. With these intentions and motivations in mind, we have organized the contents into four sections that follow four distinct themes: Framing Architectural Robotics, Robotectonics, Robotic Architectures and Robotic Futures.

The book has been listed on all major book seller sites for pre-orders. Stay tuned for more announcements and posters in the coming weeks leading up to the release of the book in early spring 2018!

TARA POSTER 11i4CoverPhotoCOVER AUG 17 spread